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Who we are

We are more than consumers - we are citizens of this world, and as citizens we have a responsibility to use our time and creativity for the greater good.

Citizen Creative is a film production company run by James Muir and Alison Titulaer. With over 20 years experience in the film industry between them, James and Alison bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their craft. 

James was a biologist specialising in behavioural ecology and conservation. He learnt filmmaking with Natural History New Zealand through his Masters Degree in Science Communication, and has since told stories that reveal the relationship between nature and human nature.

Alison was an actress, studying drama in New York and Vancouver. With a love for a great script, she naturally switched to the other side of the camera, writing and directing stories that show the beauty and connection between people in the everyday.

Together James and Alison make a lean, mean, filmmaking team, but also love to collaborate with other like-minded filmmakers, to create compelling, meaningful and memorable stories, for the good of people and our planet. 

If your project aligns with our values, contact us - we'd love to make some cinematic magic for you.

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